About us

Carobar Business Solutions is a Silicon Valley based software and services company. We have a track record in providing software, analytics and financial services to customers in the legal, healthcare and financial industries.

Services Offered

• Online Clinical Solutions
• Data Management
• Lead Management
• Forecasting Analytics
• Web Management
• Order Management
• Market Research
• Data Processing
• Data Entry, Data Capture, OCR
• Conversion, Forms Processing
• Business Process Outsourcing
• Data Analysis
• Data Integration
• Data Reporting
• E-Publishing
• Web Design and Content Management
• Web enabled client interfaces
• Program and Project Management

We have experienced program and project managers who work closely with your teams to manage complex programs or offload your management to focus on the core business.
Our clients include class action settlement recovery firms with a need to process large volumes of varied data. Our 24X7 data entry and OCR capabilities have enabled the extraction of data and real-time presentation of reports for what if scenario analysis for legal professionals. We have a proven track record in providing data processing services in the legal and healthcare services. These services are industry agnostic and may be leveraged in any business which requires managing data and utilizing information for business decision support. CBS offers proficient analysts to help you look at voluminous data coherently and use this information for your decision support.

Our team of dedicated professionals has taken complex data entry functions and designed automated processes to improve quality and accuracy of the data provided. We have the capability to convert digital images into real-time searchable information for any software environment. We can process forms and design and develop cost efficient databases for real-time availability of information for business decision support, sales, customer support and any other critical business process.

We have successfully provided web design, web scraping and maintenance services to our clients giving them ready access to information to run their business. We enable you to unleash your teams to focus on your core business while taking care of your information processing needs.

Our web design and content management services enable your business to provide ready access to your customers and enhance your support offering to your customers. Our expertise can help you web enable any of your business interfaces. We have provided web scraping services to our clients as well as programming skills which web enable their processes.

Our senior program and project managers have proven track record with large multi-nationals, managing disparate and integrated business processes remotely. They have experience in business process design, implementation and remote management. They bring a wealth of experience including financial transaction processing, R&D, sales support & call center management for technology, banking insurance and retail.

Our methodology is to work in partnership with our customers

Our solutions enable your business and customers to have:

Real Time information
Increased ROI through improved labor productivity

The Affordable Care Act mandates aggregation and automation of patient health data.

Meaningful use criteria, not only requires automation and exchange of patient information (lab tests, online transmission of prescriptions, access to patient problem lists…) but also the aggregation of individual patient data to enable population assessment and management. Job 1 for Clinicians is to provide effective/comprehensive health care to their patients.

Our team provides the Information Technology Support and Services to optimize efficiency and maximize revenue.

Our services include:

  • Mining data from EHR systems
  • Implementing and customizing reports
  • Providing compliant meaningful reports
  • Optimizing and integrating EHR/Practice Management Solutions>
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