Healthcare Solutions - Overview

Carobar Business Solutions provides a range of services to its healthcare client base. These services fall into three principal categories:

  • We offer comprehensive Provider Administrative Process Services including:
    • Claims Processing
    • Eligibility Reconciliation
    • Credentialing
    • Utilization Management
  • Payor Process Services (Health plan services)
    Carobar provides a variety of services specifically designed to improve process, efficiency, and financial performance of healthcare payors. These services include the following:
    • Imaging & data digitization
    • Premium administration
    • Policy administration
    • Underwriting
    • Enrollment services
    • Claims adjudication
    • Inbound/outbound customer care
  • I.T. Consulting Services
The Affordable Care Act mandates aggregation and automation of patient health data.

Meaningful use criteria, not only requires automation and exchange of patient information (lab tests, online transmission of prescriptions, access to patient problem lists´┐Ż) but also the aggregation of individual patient data to enable population assessment and management. Job 1 for Clinicians is to provide effective/comprehensive health care to their patients.

Our team provides the Information Technology Support and Services to optimize efficiency and maximize revenue.

Our services include:

  • Mining data from EHR systems
  • Implementing and customizing reports
  • Providing compliant meaningful reports
  • Optimizing and integrating EHR/Practice Management Solutions>
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