Carobar Business Solutions provides a spectrum of software solutions for healthcare. From medical test lab automation software to analytics, inventory management, invoicing for test laboratories to mobile apps to Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Sleep solutions, our solutions have enabled the optimization test laboratories and healthcare businesses across the United States.

Re-defining Lab Information Management Systems - reLIMS

reLIMS drives productivity, streamlines workflow / processes and enhances compliance and efficiency of your lab. Our cloud based reLIMS platform is scalable, secure and easy to use. Our competitive pricing helps reduce the Total Cost of Ownership, making it an ideal choice for small and mid-sized labs and larger enterprise labs. reLIMS is designed to offer flexibility and configurability to adapt to your lab's workflow and specific requirements. The robust architecture enables custom workflows and applications for individual labs. reLIMS manages the sample lifecycle and data, interface instruments and systems, optimizes lab tasks and processes, and enables security and audit trail. reLIMS is deployed serves a variety of clinical pathology needs including toxicology and genetic testing in the US.

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